Roman Minin

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Roman Minin is one of the most popular and brilliant artists in Ukraine. His
work is authentic, filled with colors and expression of Eastern Ukraine. The
artist from a family of miners devoted all his creative energy to researching and creating working architectures for future generations. This exhibition is a good example of how an artist with rich craft experience in different genres of material art fits into digital art and the digital art market. The exhibition will feature carpets, unique paintings in the author's technique, photographs, abstract paintings, digital installations and stained glass.
He has been working on the concept of augmented reality since 1999. The
first artist in Ukraine to install an augmented reality monument in 2017. Creator of SMS ART in 2004. Since 2020, she has been organizing artist competitions
in art creation computer in virtual reality headsets. In the city of Kharkov for educational purposes creates a center and an organization of artists' embassy. In the virtual world created the project "temple of mining". The creative path leads him to the creation of an international symbol of mining and of a whole "transmonumentalism" subculture. Roman is Co-Owner of the V-ART company, on November 20 he is organizing a meeting with the director of this company for all those who wish to know more about digital art and the new NFT
art market.
We will be happy to introduce you to the Ukrainian cultural hero, the missionary of digital art and media art in Ukraine.

2021 Winner of the First State Prize of Monumental Art «Repin Prize» For a new direction in contemporary art «transmonumentalism» 2021 The winner of the painting competition from the Odessa Art Museum, Ukraine
2013 nominated for the PinchukArtCentre Prize.
2009 Medal “Talent and Vocation” from the International Cultural Foundation “Peacemaker”, Moscow
Curated Projects
2020-2022 Minin Art Hub, Kharkiv
2011 Head of Public Art Programs in new microdistricts of Moscow 2007-2011 Organizer of Street Art Festivals in Kharkiv
Teaching experience
2020 - 2022 Kharkiv Minin Art Hub. Course: VR-AR Experience
2017 Science Art Program Mentor. Kharkiv
2013 Kharkiv State Academy of Art and Design, Ukraine. Guest lecturer. Course: Visual Thinking in Street Art
2012 Head of children’s Art programs of public art in Donetsk. With Foundation Insulation
2011 Private Public Art Courses from Svyat Murunov, Moscow
2010 Private courses in artistic photography by Irina Chmyreva, Moscow 2002-2004 Kharkiv State Academy of Art and Design, Ukraine (KSADA) M.A. in Monumental
1998-2002 Kharkiv State College of Art, Ukraine Teacher of
Art Education

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